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Why Sigma Chi?

Pledging Sigma Chi might very well be the best decision you make during your college years. You will experience deep, lifelong friendships only made possible by the strength of our brotherhood.

Our eighty-plus diverse brothers get the most out of life by playing and working together. Whether dominating on the soccer field or helping others to study, we Sigma Chi's are always ready to help a brother with whatever he is doing.

We are looking for well-rounded, enthusiastic, and solid individuals like yourself to be an integral part of our brotherhood and to share the great Sigma Chi experience. Stop by our house anytime to meet your future brothers!

If you have any questions, would like to refer someone, or would like to rush Sigma Chi yourself feel free to contact our rush chairs!


meet our actives


Tyler Khubchandani, Gurnee, Illinois

I was coming to a college where I only knew 3-4 people. The brothers of Sigma Chi welcomed me with open arms and encouraged my individuality. Sigma Chi believes in a brotherhood based on diversity and differences among its members, rather than conformity among its members. You will not find a brotherhood like Sigma Chi anywhere else.


Scott Ayers, Denver, Colorado

I signed because of the incredible brotherhood that was shown while touring the house. I wanted to improve myself and thought Sigma Chi was the best choice. Those in the house truly care about the advancement of this fraternity and its ideals.


Griffin Overbeck, Downers Grove, Illinois

I signed with Sigma Chi because of the outstanding brotherhood shown during rush events, and the genuineness of the guys in the house.

Contact Our Rush Team

Dane O'Dell



Phone: (402)405-2376

Bobby Martin



Phone: (402)995-1995

Sean Gohman



Phone: (952)388-9416